A Quick Stop in Lake Louise

For me, leaving the town of Banff where I had resided for close to five months was the moment that our Great North American Road Trip begun. Although I’d been skiing up Lake Louise numerous times before this was the symbolic start to our journey. We took the scenic Bow Valley Parkway, a road I’d never travelled before and another symbolic gesture for me of how we were going to do this road trip. We were going to take it slow; driving the scenic roads wherever possible and making frequent stops whenever desired.

Despite my numerous times up Lake Louise (mountain) snowboarding I’d never actually been to Lake Louise (lake) before. [Naming in parts of Canada can sometimes create a little confusion, for instance Banff is a National Park, as well as a town. Lake Louise is a lake, as well as a town, as well as the term used for the ski field in the winter.] This area of Canada really is so wonderfully diverse; akin to the Swiss, Austrian and French Alps in Europe its perfect for winter ski holidays or summer hiking trips.

From pictures Lake Louise looks a deep inviting blue in the summer. From first hand accounts of Lake Louise in the winter the ice sculptures and ice castle are pretty cool. Unfortunately in the spring time when we visited we saw none of this, just a frozen lake on the verge of thawing on a regrettably overcast and chilly day.

[slickr-flickr tag=”Lake_Louise_snowshoe”]

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  1. banff traveler says:

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  2. Was it naive of me to think I would actually see a lake? It was spring after all!

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