Why should you advertise with me?

  • As a growing travel blog I’m looking to create big first impressions, lasting partnerships and real value for whoever I work with.
  • Majority North American readership of fellow travellers, photographers and outdoor lovers.

What is my focus?

  • Photographic Stories – my travel adventures in rich text accompanied by great photos and occasional video
  • Travel Tips
  • Photography Advice

How can I help promote your company?

  • Press trips
  • Banner advertising
  • Product/Service reviews
  • Please contact me for more options


If you have a product or service you would like me to review in a blog post, I’d be more than happy to consider it. All reviews will be my personal, completely honest opinion, and will include photos where appropriate, possibly video and your contact details so that my readers can find you.

Press Trips

If you would like me to help promote your company or destination through my blog and social media presence I am accepting offers. I am particularly interested in accommodation, tours and tourist attractions for adventure travellers or couples – whether it be luxury travel or roughing it for adventure we’re confident we can relate to your target audience.

Have a tourist business in New Zealand? We are both passionate about wildlife, nature and the outdoors. We’ll be photographing, hiking, camping and adventuring in order to see as much of New Zealand as possible. From which we’ll be writing our travel stories, giving our advice and displaying our photography. If you think we can help promote your business, please get in touch.

Contact me directly at sam (at) samsplayground [.com] or through the contact form here.