Bear Lake Wildlife Reserve for Bird Photos

We went expecting to find a bear wildlife reserve but instead found marshland. Renee was disappointed but I’d got a thirst for bird photography while in Yellowstone National Park so had fun in our brief drive around the sanctuary. I attempted to photograph everything that moved; and if a bird didn’t move on its own free will I chased it. Sound bad? I agree, but apparently America  allows hunting in its wildlife sanctuaries (Yes, it is odd to call them ‘sanctuaries’) so I was doing the birds a favour by giving them a safe taste of human brutality.

Single duck landing from flight

Single duck landing from flight

Stalked this duck along the riverbank for a while getting close before it spotted me and took to flight; I made a quick dash towards it and captured this photograph along with a series of others as it took to flight away from me.

Renee Driving Our Van Through the Wildlife Refuge.jpg

Renee Driving Our Van Through the Wildlife Refuge

While I was stalking the wildlife and snapping pictures happily Renee drove the van to catch me up and stayed inside to hide from all the flying bugs that wetlands seem to attract.

Ducks Swimming Away on the Wildlife Refuge.jpg

Ducks Swimming Away on the Wildlife Refuge

This would be my favourite photograph from the wetlands and among my favourite from our trip. I love the symmetry of the ducks wake and how it points to the snow capped mountains in the distance.

Three Pelicans Swiming.jpg

Three Pelicans Swimming

Renee actually took this photo from a lakeside (Bear Lake) marina after we left the reserve. On our trip we took a lot of photos and many were not in significant places which I have content to write a full blog post on so the photos either end up not included or slotted in elsewhere.

Marshlands of the Wildlife Refuge.jpg

Marshlands of the Wildlife Refuge

The tranquil marshlands of the wildlife refuge.

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  1. Wow Sam! What fantastic photos, I’m glad you didn’t cause that poor bird too much trouble! As for Renee’s photographic skills I’d watch out. She’s slowly creeping up on you!

    • Thank you, glad you’re enjoying our photos; it was something we both put additional effort into on this trip

  2. Hi,

    I really like what you have going here. Lots of information on a lot of subjects that I find interesting.

  3. The last photo is my favourite! I’m not as crazy about birds 😛

  4. Hehe thanks for the compliment on my photo :) Better watch out Sam!