Big Night in Patong Beach

03 May 2010

The night to follow would turn into our most interesting yet. A large beer at our room, a couple of beers over dinner, a drink at a casual bar where we accidentally ordered a RTD style wine because it was listed under the beer list. A couple of beers at another bar, a pint at an Irish pub where we talked with a couple of Thai girls on holiday from Bangkok. Another beer at another bar which had something of a dance floor plus Thai girls on small stages, I later found out that James had a shot here as well – cheeky bugger!. Lastly we headed down a busy section with numerous small bars under the same roof, we didn’t get far before we got hijacked by some Thai waitresses.

Pretty soon James was playing Connect Four and I had the ‘Jackpot’ dice game. James was doing pretty well and seemed to be winning continuously, the girl I was playing however was another story. She was very quick with her numbers or perhaps I was just slow (I could barely count the number of beers I had had at this stage). Despite her obvious experience with the game neither of us had managed to get a Jackpot yet. To explain the game, there is a box to roll the two dice into and numbers one through nine which can be flipped over, the aim is to flip all numbers over. Upon rolling both dice you can opt to flip over the number which is the sum of the two dice, or one of the individual dice numbers. You continue to roll and flip until you hit Jackpot (Win) or you cannot flip a number (Lose). Having apparently suckered me in enough with the apparent difficulty of the game the bar girl now challenged me to pay her $200 BHT if she hit ‘Jackpot’ on her next turn. I knew I only had about $70 BHT left in my wallet but agreed to give her all if she succeeded. Low and behold she hit ‘Jackpot’! [The next day I wondered if she just got ‘lucky’, the game involves a mix of skill and luck, or whether I had been ‘had’ in some other way]

We stumbled home poor and defeated. McDonalds is crazy expensive here in comparison to other food and since there is no Burger King James had to make do with a take-away Thai curry to satisfy his late night drunken munchies – it didn’t go down well with him. Back in our room I downed the last of my water in my best attempt to dilute my blood alcohol level and went to bed. Poor James however didn’t have it so easy; he threw up in the bathroom, and then went to bed.