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There have been a lot of posts lately to try and get you all up to date with where I am and what I have been doing. Special thanks to the people who have made a comment on my blog, your comments make the writing worthwhile.

I’ll make a special post tomorrow on the bars and nightlife here, I have some comments on the practice of giving away free buckets to gain customers.

06-07 May 2010

The last two days have been spent relaxing, and a surprising amount of time on the internet at the Sunflower Bar.

Yesterday I went for a long swim along the beach, must have been in the water over an hour. Swimming is a slow mode of transportation. Other than a swim I would have went for a walk around the village and made blog posts.

Today I spent the morning [and evening] in the Sunflower Bar on the internet and sipping juices.

During the day I went for a long wallow in the water, it is so warm. The temperature of the water actually deserves a separate mention. The strange thing is that it literally feels warmer in the water than in the air, however you do get evaporative cooling when you get out.

After my wallow in the water I went for a walk up to the look out, got some photos of monkeys. I’ll have to go up again and see if I can get some better pictures of the view, I think with the setting sun and perhaps low cloud they were kind of dull looking.

Right now I’m sitting at the Sunflower Bar, about to order another cocktail. Plan for tonight is to not spend any more money (after this cocktail). Not so much because I’m ‘cheap’, but to see if you can get drunk for free on Koh Phi Phi.  More on this tomorrow.


  1. I have been following your travels this past week or so and i am very envious. I wish i was traveling in Thailand on my first trip again.

    I expect your schedule is hectic. If you are looking for places to go that hold more of a genuine Thai or Asian cultural essence then maybe i can make a couple of suggestions. Currently you are in the South of Thailand. On the West coast there are a couple of islands which i never checked out but i hear are good, ko lanta, (might be built up now) and kao lak (camping only i think and a little tricky to get to. hope i got the name right, i’ll check). If you get up to Ranong it is worth a trip out to Burma. Not easy ten years ago but very thrilling, back then the border post was in the middle of the ocean and a young kid takes you out on a speed boat to get your passport stamped.

    Having said all that, you probably want to find your own road.

    Chok dee (good luck) and keep smiling even when the 100th beach vendor has tried to sell you a sarong.

    ps Say hi to James and tell him its about time he found a job!

  2. Sam. Disregard kao lak. Its ko tarutao i was thinking of, quite near the malay border though. Looks like you can get a bungalow there these days. Having said that the similan islands are beautiful. I was there diving a couple of years ago.

    • Hey Bradley

      Thanks for reading, I’m stoked. Really appreciate your suggestions and I’ll pass on your job suggestion to James. Not sure at this stage what our plans are, I need a couple more days here yet, thinking of trying a Thai cooking class and going for a dive. Looks like the time has come to splash some cash, then it would probably be time to find some real Thailand away from the main tourist trail.

      Take care, Sam

  3. Hi Sam
    You have had a few interactions with Monkeys now! Do you remember the S African mob of monkeys all strategically positioned on that dusty football pitch after we had walked in the Drakensberg Moiuntains?
    Then there was all the Lemur’s (are Lemur’s monkeys or are they Lemur’s ???) hmm in Madagascar.