Vancouver Island & Black Bears

View Larger Map We took the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo where we parked and had a walk around. The town was small and touristy; and while we were there just about everything was closed. Fortunately the liquor store was still open, however while we were browsing the beverages we were informed that they […]


Upon arriving in Vancouver we tried to make our way to a certain point we thought would have a nice sunset view, somehow we got incredibly lost but by chance arrived at a completely different point which happened to provide a nice sunset view anyway. Later we found out that we’d watched the sunset from […]

Yoho National Park

We were hoping to spot more Moose in Yoho but had no luck. We slept in the car park next to the semi frozen Emerald Lake before heading west to Vancouver. I’m sure I took some photos of the lake, been looking everywhere for them but with no luck so far. These photos were taken […]