Canadian War Museum – Ottawa

17 November 2010 The main attraction I saw while in Ottawa was the Canadian War Museum, I’ve just been reading through my notes on the museum and their not too positive, I basically shat all over it. Bottom line; it’s worth seeing if you haven’t been to museums in Washington, New York, London, Paris, Rome […]

Waterloo & Niagara Falls Experience

01 -03 November 2010 I’d arranged to go and visit Wil’s cousin Peter in Waterloo, Peter had visited us briefly in New Zealand and I recalled really enjoying Peter’s company in the brief time we’d met. He had a nice persona about him along with an interesting background working with RIM, the makers of Blackberry. […]

Toronto Pt. 2 – Halloween, Friends & Food

28 October – 01 November 2010 Having had a really fun few days with Laura it was time to move on and Dan and Calina had kindly responded to my couch request. I spent the 28th in Starbucks sipping coffee and meandering the internet before heading over to Dan’s in the evening. I had a […]

Arrival in Canada (Toronto Pt. 1) – Sightseeing & Couch Surfing

25 – 28 October 2010 On the coach to Canada I pondered what this large country was about; land of the Canadian Mounted Police, birthplace of Pamela Anderson, Keanu Reeves and Celine Dion; I wondered if there was going to be much more to Canada. I was about to find out… First I needed to […]