5 Reasons To Visit Munich Besides Beer!

When I last visited Munich (Home of Oktoberfest) the highlight of my visit was the great beer steins filled with delicious German beer. But there is more to Munich than just huge big steins filled with German’s famous chilled beer. Here are 5 great reasons you should visit in 2016! Reason One – Sausages & Ice cream […]

Egypt’s 5 Best Undiscovered Holiday Destinations

Egypt is a tourist hot spot. But attractions like the Pyramids, and the resorts around Sharm El Sheikh, keep most visitors very much on the beaten path. Much of Egypt remains largely undiscovered by Westerners, and if you’re looking at Egypt holidays with an eye for doing some exploring, here are 5 off-the-beaten-path destinations you […]

Halifax – More Couch Surfing, More Fun Nights!

Thu 11 – Mon 15 November 2010 Picture this situation for me and tell me it isn’t perfect; inside the Propeller micro brewery in Halifax I found myself sitting on a crate of freshly bottled beer while enjoying the latest from their range, a wheat beer, a strong IPA then a dark while chatting with […]

Halifax – New Friends & the Best Open Mic Night Ever!

Mon 08 – Mon 17 November 2010 When I’d asked people in Montreal what I could do in Halifax the universal answer had been to drink beer; not because Halifax is a ‘hole’ but because it has something like 5 – 7 universities located in the city – a big student population so naturally a […]

Montreal, the Cultural Melting Pot of Canada

03 – 07 November 2010 I was off to Montreal; from what I’d heard it was the cultural melting pot of Canada with great music, a great art scene plus fantastic food and drink. Everyone I’d talked to had spoken highly of the place; I had compiled a list of things to do, things to […]

Waterloo & Niagara Falls Experience

01 -03 November 2010 I’d arranged to go and visit Wil’s cousin Peter in Waterloo, Peter had visited us briefly in New Zealand and I recalled really enjoying Peter’s company in the brief time we’d met. He had a nice persona about him along with an interesting background working with RIM, the makers of Blackberry. […]

Toronto Pt. 2 – Halloween, Friends & Food

28 October – 01 November 2010 Having had a really fun few days with Laura it was time to move on and Dan and Calina had kindly responded to my couch request. I spent the 28th in Starbucks sipping coffee and meandering the internet before heading over to Dan’s in the evening. I had a […]

Arrival in Canada (Toronto Pt. 1) – Sightseeing & Couch Surfing

25 – 28 October 2010 On the coach to Canada I pondered what this large country was about; land of the Canadian Mounted Police, birthplace of Pamela Anderson, Keanu Reeves and Celine Dion; I wondered if there was going to be much more to Canada. I was about to find out… First I needed to […]

Philadelphia – Cheese Steaks and The Rocky Horror Picture Show

22 – 24 October 2010 I was off to explore Philadelphia for a couple of days, I was going to taste cheese steaks! I’d had a reply from couch surfer Megan who said she had tickets to The Rocky Horror Picture Show; it all sounded pretty cool! I would have liked longer in New York, […]

New York (New York)

18th to 22nd October 2010 New York, the most populous city in North America, famous worldwide; would I enjoy it? I was about to find out. The Big Apple, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, business, food, languages, lots of people. Michael kindly responded to my couch surfing request and I met him after his […]