Ljubljana & Lake Bled (Slovenia)

13 – 14 July 2010 We had one night in a hostel in Ljubljana (Austria), essentially another stopover to break up the driving hours.  Ljubljana’s university is making its way onto the European university scene, the town has a good ‘university’ feel to it despite us being there during the holiday season [pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] […]

Split & Zadar (Croatia)

12 July 2010 From Dubrovnik it was going to be quite a long drive with the main destination being Ljubljiana in Slovenia. On the way we made a stop in Split (Croatia) where I saw Dioceletian’s Palace, well known for its marble floors. In Split I enjoyed walking around the markets, posing for photos on […]

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

10 – 12 July 2010 Having left Albania and passed through Montenegro we successfully made our way to Dubrovnik (Ragusa of Dalmatia) in Croatia. We had two nights booked in this famous walled city; shame the food in our hostel was so bad. The night we arrived we were fortunate to have some festival taking […]


10 July 2010 Again we had another 7am breakfast with a 7.45am departure (Contiki is full of late nights and long days, it’s about hardening the fu*k up!). We were leaving Albania for Dubrovnik in Croatia, on the way we would pass through Montenegro. On the drive up the Adriatic coast we were the recipients […]

Albania (Tirana)

09 July 2010 That morning we departed Preveza at 7.45am, we were heading into the Albanian unknown; into the Eastern Block. To think that it was only as recent as 1991 that Albania started letting foreigners into the country, we were about to fulfil the ‘Adventurer’ part of our European Adventurer Contiki tour. When we […]

Travelling up Greece (Preveza)

08 July 2010 I’ve coped pretty well with the long distances we have to travel on the coach; a full day of travelling broken up only by brief service stops is not uncommon. The day we left Mykonos was certainly a long day but with all the good company and my trusty laptop to keep […]


05 – 08 July 2010 On our first night in Mykonos we had an optional tour and dinner followed by a late night in town – we didn’t depart until 4am! I bought a couple of bottles of Ouzo in the shape of a naked man (Mykonos is a very sexual place – mostly gay) […]

Italy to Greece (Pompeii & Athens)

03 – 05 July 2010 5.45am we were up and away from Rome for a full day’s travelling, first it took us four hours to get to Pompeii. On arrival in Pompeii we had a brief guided tour around the famous ancient ruins of Pompeii, we had our most charismatic tour guide yet. [pe2-gallery class=”alignright” […]


01 – 02 July 2010 From Florence our next stop was the colossal Rome, or Roma as spelt in Italy. One of the recurring sayings I have used on my trip to date is the famous travel quote “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” – when I was in Roma this naturally seemed […]


29 – 30 June 2010 On we travelled to Florence, a major Renaissance art destination credited for much of the Renaissance movement. Our tour manager Ray described how many art works were commissioned back in the day by the powerful Medici family, including the famous David by Michelangelo. During our first night in Florence we […]