London, much more than the Royal baby’s home

London phone booth by: Doug88888

[The following is a guest post from Katty, who originally visited London for the first time to improve her English; as a first stop in an ongoing travel adventure which currently has her in Spain] I have been travelling for almost 16 months now and it all began with my stay in London. Last summer […]

Time at Woodpeckers Cottage

Ella on Ripstick in Lincolnshire

26 – 28 July 2010 As always it was lovely to catch up with Auntie Jilly, Uncle Howy, cousins Ella and Annabel and Grandma. Thank you all so much for your hospitality. [pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] [/pe2-gallery]

Homeward Bound (Netherlands, Belgium, France, England)

Group Bus Photo

24 July 2010 Everyone managed to get back on the coach and leave Amsterdam despite many probably preferring not to. We docked at Dover around 5.30pm and headed to London. The plan was to have one last night together in the pub to wrap up a successful 37 days around Europe; and that is exactly […]

London to Paris

Big Ben-2

17 – 19 June 2010 17 June was a Thursday and I was still in Lincolnshire with Jilly, Howy, Annabel and Ella who I had had a fantastic time with. It was with nervous excitement that I bordered the train to London so that I could get to the Contiki registration later that night in […]

Grandma’s 80th Birthday

Grandma's Birthday-2

15 June 2010 I haven’t had many opportunities to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday so it was special to be there for her eightieth! [pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] [/pe2-gallery]

Time with my Cousins

sam anna 2

05 June 2010 Anna 08 – 17 June 2010 Ella A lovely evening out with Anna and her flatmates. Walking Spike, Buffy and Tigger with Ella. [pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] [/pe2-gallery] I had a go on Ella’s Ripstick, as you can see in the videos she is far better than me. [pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] [/pe2-gallery] Cousin […]

Nottingham and Hull Day Trips

Nottingham Football Mania

11 June 2010 – Nottingham 12 June 2010 – Hull I needed to make a day trip to Nottingham to get a National Insurance number, which would allow me to work in England but more importantly provided a step towards setting up a UK bank account. My trip to Nottingham was notable for the biggest […]

Lincoln Ghost Experience


11 June 2010 Make of it what you want; I have no interest in trying to convince you I photographed a ghost, ghosts don’t even exist. However what exactly did happen on that fateful Lincolnshire night? Comments welcome… Aunty Jilly had been wanting to do this guided ghost walk of Lincoln city, my visit made […]

London Sightseeing

Houses of Parliament-10

31 May – 07 June 2010 – Doesn’t time fly My highlights from the city of London so far have been the simple things. Catching up with friends and family. My first Guinness in a London pub. Random meanderings through the city streets. The breadth of food and drink available. Lastly the parks, statues and […]

Battle to London

Battle to London and sleeping in airports

29 May 2010 – 31 May 2010 “We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey” – Kenji Miyazawa What follows is a chronological timeline of the small battles and the large battles that James and I faced in our war with distance and time in order to reach London. Koh Phangan to […]