5 Reasons To Visit Munich Besides Beer!

When I last visited Munich (Home of Oktoberfest) the highlight of my visit was the great beer steins filled with delicious German beer. But there is more to Munich than just huge big steins filled with German’s famous chilled beer. Here are 5 great reasons you should visit in 2016! Reason One – Sausages & Ice cream […]

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

10 August 2010 Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg was a major concentration camp used by the Nazi regime from 1936 through to Soviet liberation in 1945, the Soviets then used it as a NKVD Special Camp until 1950. In 1956 the East German (DDR) government set up a national memorial on the site giving emphasis to political resistance (Against […]

Berlin (Germany) by Backpack

04 – 11 August 2010 On the train trip to Berlin I met Anna who was traveling back home from where she studies in Bonn. Anna kindly gave me some advice on sights and attractions from a local perspective and even said that if she was free on Friday she’d show me some of the […]

Cologne (Germany)

03 August 2010 Cologne, but I almost didn’t make it. I hazily recall Jeff waking me up at some point; he was up and about and said my alarm was going off. The next time I woke up was when Jeff was putting his bag on and heading out the door, I tried not to […]

Heidelberg & Koblenz (Rhine Valley, Germany)

21 July 2010 We departed mountainous Switzerland and headed for the famous Rhine Valley, the area which was demilitarised by the Treaty of Versailles after the 1st World War because of its recognised importance to Germany; as both a key trading route and likely area to begin a military expansion from. On the way we […]

Munich (Germany)

18 July 2010 After white water rafting we departed for Munich. We only had a little free time to explore Munich so I made the most of it and went to the BMW museum, after all Germany is known for BMW (Motorcycles), Porsche (Cars) and Adolf Hitler. [pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] [/pe2-gallery] While in Munich I […]