A Visit to the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage

We heard that there were polar bears in the zoo in Anchorage, and since we were not going to get the chance to head up into the arctic circle to see the wild ones we thought we’d take a look at The Alaska Zoo. I’ve mentioned in my post on planning for this trip to […]

Camping in Denali National Park

There are a couple of options for camping in Denali National Park. You can get a ‘backcountry’ permit and head into the wilderness to be entirely away from your fellow man, or you can camp in one of several organized campsites along the park road. We didn’t exactly succeed in travelling light on this trip […]

Colours of Denali National Park

Trying to decide what to do when on an extended trip in a big place can be really difficult. Alaska is huge, and we knew we were visiting during a change of seasons – summer would be ending, fall would be starting and even winter may show its face during our visit. In the end […]

The Denali National Park Road and Bus System

The Denali National Park bus system can be kind of confusing. Write a comment if you’ve been on it; I’m interested if anyone else has found it a little different, or is it just me? We did a lot of planning for this trip to Alaska, but until we actually got to the Wilderness Access […]

Fairbanks and the Hike to Angel Rocks

It took us a day longer than we expected getting to Alaska due to an impossible connection in Toronto. So we had a complementary stay in an airport hotel which was kind of nice, but it did cut our time in Fairbanks down a day – which was kind of frustrating. I really wasn’t sure […]

Planning For Two Months in Alaska

Months of waiting are finally over, we’re now only one day from stepping foot in Alaska for the first time. Have to say I’m pretty excited. However, I’ve found people’s responses vary quite differently when I say Renee and I are heading to Alaska for two months before New Zealand. Some people instantly understand, they […]

Singer/Songwriter Rachael Sage Talks Travel

I recently had the opportunity to ask the singer/songwriter Rachael Sage some questions on travel. As a touring artist she’s lucky (I think so) to travel a lot for her career, I was interested to find out if the travelling side of her work is something she enjoys… Rachael gave some fantastic answers, in my […]

Losing Our Way in Amish Country

This guest blog post is written by Jason Batansky Jason Batansky is a 24 year old entrepreneur writing about his financially sustainable lifestyle of continuous travel with the ability to live, work, and travel anywhere in the world. He runs Flashpackerguy.com and Locationlessliving.com. You can follow him at Locationless Living on Twitter, Facebook, or RSS, and at FlashpackerGuy on Twitter, Facebook, or RSS. Losing Our Way in Amish Country One of […]

Fresh Lobster in Connecticut

After an amazing Belgian beer drinking experience at the Belgium Comes to Cooperstown beer festival in New York state we visit Wil and his family in Connecticut where we enjoy another gastronomic treat – fresh lobster. After a meal of fresh lobster and fresh corn, melted butter and sides I’d have to say this was […]

Cooperstown Belgium Beer Festival

Last year we attended the Belgium Comes to Cooperstown beer festival at Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY. I’m a huge fan of Belgium beer – it started with big glasses of Hoegaarden and a bucket of mussels on Monday nights at what was my ‘local’ belgium beer cafe in Auckland, New Zealand. It was here […]