Midwest Rodeo Event

On our road trip we wanted to experience all that small town America has to offer. ‘Small town’ or ‘country’ America as distinguished from ‘city America’ being corporate Wall Street, Hollywood and so many other things which are more commonly experienced by the foreign tourist visiting America. So far we’d seen a lot of beautiful landscapes – […]

Badlands National Park

Badlands Badlands. Heading to Badlands National Park in South Dakota essentially put us over the midway point in our North American road trip. Half way points always cause mixed emotions in my experience. Canada and western United States had dished up such magnificent scenery and amazing experiences and I doubted the east could match it. At […]

Wildlife in Custer State Park

Our next stop on our North American Road Trip was for wildlife watching in Custer State Park, South Dakota. We took the 18 mile Wildlife Loop Road that winds it way through the prairie hills hoping to see an abundance of wildlife. There is a herd of 1300 bison in this park, and funnily enough […]