Cologne (Germany)

03 August 2010

Cologne, but I almost didn’t make it. I hazily recall Jeff waking me up at some point; he was up and about and said my alarm was going off. The next time I woke up was when Jeff was putting his bag on and heading out the door, I tried not to express my alarm until he had left the room at which point I leapt up and checked the time, shit 9.45am; what time was my train to Cologne? I checked my documents and was relieved to see that my train didn’t leave till 10.45am. I had time for a shower but not enough to eat breakfast. I made it onto my train very tired, slightly dazed and probably still a little drunk from Antwerp. Funnily when I was getting off the train in Cologne I ran into Jeff, we had been traveling in the same carriage. Jeff and I walked to my hostel where I dropped off my bag and then we enjoyed one last beer together before we headed our different directions.

Reverse Trike in Cologne.JPG

Cologne happened to be hosting the 2010 Gay Games while I was there and a number of basket ball players were staying in my hostel. While on the internet that evening I met David, a basket ball player from Los Angeles. I was later to find out that it was his sixth Gay Games he’d attended, he’d amassed something like 5 medals including a couple of Gold’s and a Silver. Before I turned up in Cologne I never even knew there was such a thing as a gay games. David, an Italian guy and myself went for a walk later that evening to get ice cream, they took me along a particularly gay street which had had a red carpet laid out, it was interesting… Again the people you meet traveling are fantastic, David suggested a few places I really must see in California and gave me his contact details in case I get to LA.

Gay Games Cologne 2010.JPG

Other than my walk up a very gay street I had a quiet night in Cologne.

The following morning I made a quick stop at the imposing cathedral of Cologne before taking a train to Berlin. Apparently German trains are not cheap, they work something like airline tickets with the prices leaping exponentially as you get closer to the date of travel; I had to pay a monstrous €109 for my ticket! I would have booked it while in England however it would seem they will only post booked tickets to you, you can’t obtain digital or ‘pick-up at station’ tickets. [I have since seen German’s with digital tickets, so not sure what was wrong when I was trying to book way back in England]

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