Flight to Iceland with London Stopover

18 August 2010

As I noted in my previous post catching the plane from Prague was a breeze, I made a smooth terminal change at Heathrow before catching my plane to Iceland.

My first sighting of Iceland from the air was not what I had expected. I’d pictured mountains, ferocious volcanoes and dragons but from the air Reykjavik and the surrounding land was surprisingly flat and uneventful.


I arrived late afternoon with no plans or bookings so I starting looking for somewhere to stay at the airport. The lady at the information centre tried to be helpful but all the hostels she knew of were fully booked. Apparently there was the Iceland ‘Culture’ festival on Saturday and hostels were probably booking out due to this event. I caught the airport shuttle coach into town and on the way noted potential accommodation to check out on my map.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] Reykjavik-6.JPGReykjavik-7.JPGReykjavik.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

Luck was on my side when I easily came across a bed and breakfast place which gave me a room (in a different location on the main street) to myself for the price of a dorm bed. I stayed the one night there but having walked around and checked out the tourist information I’d decided that I couldn’t afford to do many tours in Iceland and as the place is based around the outdoors I would not be doing Iceland justice to spend my time in Reykjavik. I decided to hire a car for two days, with a bit of searching I managed to find a place which was less horrendously expensive than most and picked up my station wagon at 10am the following day.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] My Hostel - Reykjavik.JPGMy Hostel - Reykjavik-1.JPGMy Hostel - Reykjavik-2.JPG[/pe2-gallery]