In Bruges

30 July 2010

I hadn’t been able to get a single hostel for the duration of the stay I wanted in Brussels so I changed hostel in the morning to a place slightly further away from the centre. If I hadn’t of made this change I would never have met Norbu. Norbu hailed from Denmark and was departing as I was checking in, after a brief chat we exchanged contact details so that we might be able to meet up that evening.

Having not made it the previous day I set off to explore Bruges which is located roughly one hours train journey away. Bruges was fun, a quaint little medieval town built for the filming of the movie ‘In Bruges’. Or at least that would be the best thing to say to a local if you really wanted to annoy them.

In Bruges I walked around until my feet fell off and then took the train back to Brussels in the evening. Highlights were my trip to the brewery and the chocolate shop, the Belfry tower was rubbish; perhaps Colin Farrel would have had a better time in Bruges if he had of gone to a chocolate shop and a brewery too.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] In Bruges-116.JPGIn Bruges-118.JPGIn Bruges-20.JPGIn Bruges-60.JPGIn Bruges-123.JPGThe Belfry in Bruges.JPGThe Belfry in Bruges-4.JPGClimbing up the Belfry-2.JPGViews from the Belfry-13.JPGViews from the Belfry-5.JPGViews from the Belfry.JPGBrewery Tour in Bruges-22.JPGBrewery Tour in Bruges-24.JPGBrewery Tour in Bruges-28.JPGBrewery Tour in Bruges-32.JPGBrewery Tour in Bruges-30.JPGBrewery Tour in Bruges-36.JPGBrewery Tour in Bruges.JPGBrewery Tour in Bruges-20.JPGBrewery Tour in Bruges-17.JPGChocolate Shop in Bruges.JPGChocolate Waffle in Bruges.JPG[/pe2-gallery]