Koh Lanta to Krabi Town

12 May 2010

We took a minivan across two car ferries and up to Krabi Province and into Krabi town.

I instantly took a liking to Krabi Town, from its river location, Planet of the Apes style statues holding up traffic lights, but mostly the people. Everyone is really nice when you talk to them and we had no issues with being pestered.

After finding accommodation James and I went out for a walk.

We took a boat ride to a rocky outcrop which we were able to climb up and see some caves which were quite impressive with a opening on the far side which you could climb up to look out over the rain forest.

After the caves we were taken to a fish farm where a lady fed the fish and told us what types they were. The fish farm was an incredible experience; they had 30kg Kingfish in a netted tank the size of a large bed. She fed different kinds of snapper, the Kingfish, some colourful tropical fish and also picked up Puffer fish out of the water and tickled them until they inflated; this last part seemed too cruel for my tastes.

Later back in town we found a place which offered free WiFi so we stopped and I did some computer stuff before having a game of pool against a couple of American guys.