Koh Lanta – Vacancy

10 May 2010

We arrived in Koh Lanta by boat having departed Koh Phi Phi. All the hotels and resorts have representatives at the wharf (and even on the boat) vying to get your business. We allowed ourselves to be whisked off with about nine others in the back of a ute by one such chap who called himself Coconut. So our resort of choice appears to be Blue Andaman Lanta Beach Resort in Klong Khong Beach. The place is very nice, but completely dead.

I walked the beach but found the neighbouring resorts no livelier. So we hired a couple of scooters and did a quick trip around the area, heading up to Phra Ae Beach where we also found numerous empty resorts. Thailand offseason has hit home hard here. One of the places we entered was shutting down for a few months the following day (11 May).

The next night (11 May) we met an English couple and had a few drinks with them. It was a real nice night as people just came and went but we always had people at our table to talk to.

James got some video footage of an impressive lightening storm.