Koh Phi Phi Bamboo Hut

05 May 2010

James made the call to stay in a traditional Thai style hut for $300 BHT, we had to get one each as they only had the one bed inside.

I was initially reluctant wanting to keep the trip pretty cheap by sharing a room but James made a good case for experiencing traditional Thailand sleeping. After seeing what he had purchased for $300 BHT per night I couldn’t say no.

Completely bamboo and thatch construction, however they do have electricity supplied by dubious wiring, a standing fan, toilet and shower out the back room (They are actually quite luxurious). [Had two nights in one so far and don’t foresee myself going anywhere else]

13 Feb 2013 Update:
Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the business offering these huts as accommodation, but the following map shows the general location of where they were. If anyone know more information please let me know.

General location of bamboo huts marked by red circle


  1. These huts do look amazing!
    No pictures of the toilet this time? šŸ˜‰

  2. If you had drank enough cocktails then you would’nt have banged your heads on the sloping toilet roof.. You were obviously still standing !!
    An interesting version of the ‘bidet’ I suppose !!

  3. hi! I am going to Koh Phi Phi on June and I’ve been looking for this kind of huts to stay all day long…all I had found (until your blog) was ‘Western’ style bungalows and that kind of stuff I can as well find in Hawaii.
    If you remember the name of this huts I would really appreciate you sending me the info!

    • Hi Luisa,

      I can’t remember the name of the huts unfortunately. We didn’t book, just found them while walking and ended up staying as they had a couple available.

      I’ve updated the blog post (above) to include a map of Koh Phi Phi and I’ve circled in red where these huts are located. Perhaps if you find a more detailed map you will find what they were called. If you do please let me know :-)

      Best of luck for your travels in Thailand