London Sightseeing

31 May – 07 June 2010 – Doesn’t time fly

My highlights from the city of London so far have been the simple things. Catching up with friends and family. My first Guinness in a London pub. Random meanderings through the city streets. The breadth of food and drink available. Lastly the parks, statues and impressive buildings you encounter on even short meanderings.

A good meander requires a lack of purpose, direction and time constraints; simply let your legs wonder freely and let your senses take in your surroundings. Eventually you will find yourself somewhere unexpected, often hopelessly lost with no sense of direction, but do not fear for in London you just need to keep walking; albeit in a straighter more conscious driven direction until you find a subway station.

Despite placing so much emphasis on random meanderings I have managed to bless some of London’s top sights with my presence.

London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben (2nd of June)

London Eye-1.JPGLondon Eye-2.JPGWestminster Abbey-4.JPGHouses of Parliament-2.JPGHouses of Parliament-5.JPGHouses of Parliament-1.JPGHouses of Parliament-10.JPGHouses of Parliament-11.JPGBig Ben-1.JPGBig Ben-2.JPGProtesting Iraq.JPGSt Paul

Tower of London, Tower Bridge (3rd of June)

I drew a blank on most of the sights, they are so famous and so well documented that I cannot think of anything interesting to write down that will describe the experience in a way that will be different to what you can assume from the photos. Hell, the sights are so well photographed that I almost didn’t even bother taking my own. However the Tower of London’s history is fascinating, to be standing in the same place where so many queens lost their heads! The stories are gripping tales of anguish, such as the sixteen year old bride who watched her husband’s body carried back headless in full knowledge that her head would follow in a matter of hours. The stories seem so many worlds away, hundreds of years behind us surely; but no, some of the history is actually relatively recent and anguish felt will be no different to that felt by today’s families in war torn countries.

[Crown Jewels – As expected – Jewellery, big, glittering, diamond, secure, safe, steel, no photographing]
Tower of London-1.JPGTower of London-3.JPGLondon-39.JPGTower Bridge-4.JPGTower Bridge-3.JPGTower Bridge-6.JPG

Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guard (4th of June)

Buckingham Palace-5.JPGBuckingham Palace-3.JPGBuckingham Palace-1.JPGChanging of the Guard-11.JPGChanging of the Guard.JPGChanging of the Guard-2.JPGBusy Sightseeing.JPGChanging of the Guard-6.JPGGate-1.JPGHorse Stopping Traffic.JPGQueens Guard-3.JPGQueens Guard.JPGMounted Guard-2.JPGMounted Guard-5.JPGLondon-104.JPG

Imperial War Museum (7th of June)

Imperial War Museum.JPGImperial War Museum-8.JPGImperial War Museum-3.JPGImperial War Museum-5.JPGProtesting Iraq.JPGBusy Sightseeing.JPG






On a practical note I arrived in London (31 May) with no plans as usual, I was somewhat surprised to learn that James had actually planned his arrival into London; his aunt Susan was meeting him at Heathrow. Susan generously offered me a lift and accommodation too. I immediately accepted and am very grateful for the base which made the above sightseeing and meanderings both simple and possible. If you are planning your visit to London and don’t have a friend to stay with, try this web-site to search for hotels in London in advance. Compare prices and don’t take the risk of paying more than you need for your accommodation. I was lucky to stay in Susan’s house.
Big Bird-3.JPGCanal Boat.JPGFountain.JPGHorse Stopping Traffic.JPGKings Cross Station.JPGLondon-16.JPGLondon-127.JPGQueen Victoria Monument-8.JPGSt Pancras Station-1.JPGSt Pancras Station.JPGShakespeareThe National Gallery.JPGTrafalgar Square-1.JPGTrafalgar Square-2.JPGQueen Victoria Monument-12.JPG


  1. Same shots, different tourists!

  2. Although you managed to get blue skies in yours rather than rain…

  3. It looks like the big bird has taken a liking to you. I would be terrified, they are huge!

    • I was pretty impressed. It was just standing on the edge of the pond being photographed with tourists, I wonder how much it was being paid by the tourist authority…

  4. So many London Sights to take in. Where is your fairy god mother when you need her??? Janey always used to take you to the Zoo !! You will have to wait till Seattle for that I guess?

  5. Remember your heritage Sam, we are Northerners. You must go rambling in Yorkshire. I hear you are at Grandfma’s 80th Petit Fours Party

  6. I never thought I would like the London Eye when it was being built but it’s become such a unique iconic London structure it’s pretty amazing.

    Nice photos, btw :)