Enjoying Various Beers Downtown Montreal at Mondial de la bière 2012

This Thursday Renee and I enjoyed an afternoon at the Montreal Beer Festival (Mondial de la bière 2012). Running till Sunday June 10th, if you’re in Montreal and enjoy beer this is certainly worth a look.

Entry is free, beer tastings cost between $2-$5 (in $1 coupons), you can bring your own beer glass or you can buy one there (glass is $9, branded plastic cup is $4). Who would buy a branded plastic cup for $4? The glass is certainly a nice souvenir, but a plastic cup… I think it’s nice that they let you bring your own glass though, many beer festivals wouldn’t allow this.

The event is held underground at Place Bonaventure and the Hilton Hotel.

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Underground? A beer festival in the summer. Although it is only just getting into summer here. But still, I would like to see this festival outside, beer goes well with sunshine and it seems a terrible shame to go underground on a nice day – as it happened to be on Thursday.


  1. Mmm…Beer!