05 – 08 July 2010

On our first night in Mykonos we had an optional tour and dinner followed by a late night in town – we didn’t depart until 4am! I bought a couple of bottles of Ouzo in the shape of a naked man (Mykonos is a very sexual place – mostly gay) and also a ladies high heeled shoe. God knows why I bought these; I was drunk evidenced by the fact that I proceeded to lose them on the bus later that night.

06 July 2010 Late sleep in followed by a spout at the gym which made me sick, this was eventually solved by a long swim and basking in the sun. The afternoon was essentially spent recovering from my hangover; we all departed at 3pm for Paradise Beach. Paradise Beach starts to get ‘going’ at around 3pm with everyone sunbathing and drinking in the beach bars, by 5pm people have started dancing on tables and champagne starts to get sprayed on people and you may catch an unfortunate glimpse of men walking around in an elephant trunk shaped thong. By 8pm it has started to die down, at which point we caught our coach back to our resort.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] Arrival in Mykonos.JPGGreek Flag Posing - Mykonos-1.JPGMykonos Street Tour.JPGLittle Venice in Mykonos-1.JPGMykonos Windmills.JPGOne of many Chapels - Mykonos-1.JPGParadise Beach - Mykonos-7.JPGParadise Beach - Mykonos-1.JPGParadise Beach - Mykonos-18.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

07 July 2010 We had a full free day to do whatever we pleased. After breakfast a group of us headed into Mykonos town and I spent a few hours meandering the tiny streets, apparently these were designed to make it difficult for pirates who once were populous in the area. Steven, Emily and I had lunch in a restaurant where the waiter seemed to take a liking to me. I refused to order the grilled octopus dish I had wanted since it was frozen,  when the waiter asked again if I wanted the Octopus I insisted “no, I’m good thanks” his reply was the “yes you are, you’re very good.” Emily and Steven had a good laugh, and I appreciated it when I got the second beer I ordered for free!

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] Tiny Streets - Mykonos.JPGTiny Streets - Mykonos-2.JPGTiny Streets of Mykonos-3.JPGMykonos-104.JPGMykonos Sunset-5.JPGMykonos.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

That evening we had a toga party which was fun; it was just our group but we all had a good time posing for photographs.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] Toga Party - Mykonos-15.JPGToga Party - Mykonos-5.JPGToga Party - Mykonos-10.JPGToga Party - Mykonos-9.JPGWatching Football in Togas - Mykonos-1.JPGToga Party - Mykonos-18.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

The next morning was our most leisurely start to date, we had our bags on the coach by 11am and headed for the ferry. The ferry ride was on one of those quick cats and it was very windy with decent waves; a number of our group got sick. Personally I really enjoyed the ferry ride, it was quite thrilling and made me want to get back out on the ocean again.

The greek islands were a lot of fun as you can probably tell. Also reasonably priced, so I’d happily come back for another holiday. If you like relaxing on white sand, taking leisurely dips in clear blue water, then the Greek Islands are probably for you too – book your cheap holiday to Greece online now. Greek food is nice, the alcohol keeps flowing, everyone is partying and having fun. It’s a winner. Plus I love the white buildings with the blue accents, gives the place a great feel.

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On arrival back in Greece we were able to get back aboard our coach, the home we had missed for the last few days and head towards Albania.

Overnight Ferry Sunset-5.JPG


  1. jane gower says:

    ah mykanos as gorgeous, white and gay as ever….takes me back 30 years…

  2. Jill Kynman-Wilson says:

    never experienced mykanos, but lots of lovely memories of Kos, Kalymnos and Crete.

  3. hahaha, those are some awesome photos!