Patong Beach Nightlife

We arrived back in Patong Beach from our scooter ride to find the place transformed for nightlife, many streets had been closed off for pedestrians. The streets were packed with all kinds of people including Lady Boys and of course hundreds of hawkers trying to get you buy stuff, to go to a Go Go Girl bar or a Ping Pong Show. The most popular street which formed the central drag had a number of bars with dancing Thai girls on multiple stages. The place is certainly sleazy, but with so many people around it also has a great atmosphere.

We stayed out till around 11.30pm, having a few drinks in a couple of different bars. Our first bar had a nice casual atmosphere and we ended up playing Connect Four and a dice game called ‘Jackpot’ with the female bartenders. At first it just seemed like a bit of fun to pass the time over a drink, but one girl then made her move and asked me to buy her a shot ($120 BHT). I said ‘no’ apologetically and suggested James, James said ‘no’ and told her to try me again. It would seem everything has a purpose in Thailand and nothing comes for free. We ended up giving a small tip and leaving.