Patong Beach (Phuket) & Scooter Ride

02 May 2010

Arrival at Phuket airport went well. We jumped in a shuttle bus and sped to Patong Beach where we found a lovely room on the second floor five minutes’ walk from the beach for only $450 BHT per night.Our window view

That day we took a walk along the beach, there seemed to be a popular section for gay guys, numerous fat white Europeans some of which were accompanied by a hot Thai girl. We resisted the temptation to hire a jet ski for $1500 BHT, it wasn’t that hard to resist when we considered our two hour flight from Bangkok to Phuket cost the same. We’re backpacking after all.

We did however rent a couple of scooters for $200 BHT each (24 hours). James and I took them down south and did a coastal loop. It was great to leave the tourist metropolis of Patong Beach; we spotted elephants, local Thai’s and some of the shacks that they live in.

Coming back it was getting dark; we didn’t have clear visors on our helmets and sunglasses made it harder to see.  We stopped and had dinner at a restaurant on a lookout point, it had a superb view and they made a very nice green curry for $120 BHT.

I am the epitome of cool