Railay to Koh Samui

19 May 2010

$150 THB from Railay to Krabi Town. $400 THB by taxi, bus and then ferry over six hours to get to Koh Samui. On the ferry various Thai sellers wanted to offer us a taxi ride to Chaweng Beach (popular side of the island )for $150 THB, we politely declined and were very pleased we did when we found out that the going rate for the transportation to the other side of the island is $60 THB and there was a taxi with room waiting to leave.

Koh Samui is pretty built up, no longer the backpacker destination I hear it use to be.

20 May 210

Not much to report on.

Found a cheap place to have breakfast.

Worked on computer

Intended on going for a Thai massage – [However I still haven’t done this]

I did however get sold a necklace by a seven year old girl for $20 THB at 3am in the morning! I’ll write something on this experience later.