Planning For Two Months in Alaska

Months of waiting are finally over, we’re now only one day from stepping foot in Alaska for the first time. Have to say I’m pretty excited. However, I’ve found people’s responses vary quite differently when I say Renee and I are heading to Alaska for two months before New Zealand. Some people instantly understand, they […]

Shoes for Backpacking

When I was trying to decide what to pack for my first overseas trip I had a lot of difficulty deciding what footwear to take. Footwear is important for backpacking; it makes sense since your feet are your most regular means of transport. But there are so many different types of footwear for so many […]

Hostelling with Hostelworld

A quick look at my Hostelworld account under the ‘My Bookings’ tab shows that I’ve stayed with Hostelworld in Belgium, Germany, Poland, the United States and Canada. They were also my hostel booker of choice for our upcoming trip to Quebec City for the winter carnival later this month. Why Hostelworld? After my organised tour […]

10 Essential Travel Items You Can’t Travel Without!

10 Essential Travel Items You Can’t Live Travel Without! Are you heading overseas or packing a backpack for an extended travel adventure and wondering what essential travel items to pack? Packing your bag for the first time can be daunting, you have so much stuff and so little space. Having limited space is part of […]

Fort Lauderdale – Sick Again but with Interesting Company

23 – 28 September 2010 It was an overnight flight to Fort Lauderdale, I arrived in the morning and took the public bus which stops right in the Fort Lauderdale airport into town. I managed to make my bus transfer and eventually got to Hollywood beach, less than two minutes later I was at the […]