Battle to London

29 May 2010 – 31 May 2010 “We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey” – Kenji Miyazawa What follows is a chronological timeline of the small battles and the large battles that James and I faced in our war with distance and time in order to reach London. Koh Phangan to […]

Second Night in Bangkok & Riots

01 May 2010 Later that night James headed to bed and I was taking a shower. From the bathroom I could hear what sounded like the riots going on outside; I was a little freaked out. After turning off the buzz of the air conditioning I was sure they were out on our street yelling, […]

China Town & Riot Fears

01 May 2010 The riots were somewhat on our mind but we decided we wanted to go see China Town. A local who called himself a police informer (Looking after tourists best interests) had previously given me a map with circles drawn around parts of Bangkok that you should not enter because of the riots. […]

First Thai Beer – Well Deserved

01 May 2010 After exploring Bangkok we eventually got back to Khaosan Road in much need of a beer. It was while enjoying a Tiger on the outside tables of a bar that we met a couple of interesting characters. Two Poms (not travelling together) and a long haired local white guy (homeless). One of […]

Bangkok City First Impressions

01 May 2010 The taxi driver was so different to what you would expect to find in Auckland. I can only put it down to the phrase “time is money”, because this taxi driver intended on wasting absolutely no time. He averaging 150km/h on the motorway but not in one lane, rather dodging and swerving […]

Bangkok Arrival

30 April / 01 May 2010 Our plane was due to arrive at 11pm on 30 April, but our temporary Visa only allows us to stay for 30 days. We had decided to wait out that hour until after midnight so that we go through Customs on the 1st of May. Frustratingly after waiting and […]