Antwerp (Belgium)

01 – 02 August 2010 I arrived in Antwerp in the evening having spent most of the day sightseeing in Brussels. I was going to stay in a place called Abhostel, the smallest hostel I’ve stayed in to date with a total of only sixteen beds. There are no signs out front, just a small […]

Back in Brussels

30 July – 01 August 2010 Having exhausted myself in Bruges I really deserved a quality Belgian beer. That evening in Delirium bar I met up with Norbu and his friend (also from Denmark) and we sat with a couple of other solo travellers; an Ausi who had done the Trans Siberian railway and recommended […]

In Bruges

30 July 2010 I hadn’t been able to get a single hostel for the duration of the stay I wanted in Brussels so I changed hostel in the morning to a place slightly further away from the centre. If I hadn’t of made this change I would never have met Norbu. Norbu hailed from Denmark […]

Brussels (Belgium)

29 July 2010 I was very excited to be setting out to see Europe alone, essentially this trip was going to be my first stint of solo travel since leaving New Zealand. Unfortunately it did not start well. My train was due to leave at 6.20am and I was through the terminal gates by 6am; […]

Homeward Bound (Netherlands, Belgium, France, England)

24 July 2010 Everyone managed to get back on the coach and leave Amsterdam despite many probably preferring not to. We docked at Dover around 5.30pm and headed to London. The plan was to have one last night together in the pub to wrap up a successful 37 days around Europe; and that is exactly […]