Antelope Island State Park

Since Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks we’d driven south passing through Wyoming, the corner of Idaho where we saw the Bear Lake Wildlife Reserve and into Utah. The road to Antelope Island took us through Cache National Forest which had beautiful mountain and river scenery in its own right [Just wait for more on Utah, […]

Wildlife Spotting in Yellowstone National Park

Renee and I drove into Yellowstone National Park, the three and a half thousand square mile park which is situated mainly in the state of Wyoming but with land extending into Montana (where we entered) and also Idaho. Our expectations were high due to Yellowstone being one of the most famous national parks in North […]

National Bison Range – Montana

Bison, the huge powerful cow like things with a mythical history in North America. Renee and I were both excited to see these famous American creatures and the National Bison Range in Montana provided us with our first opportunity. Are bison and buffalo the same we pondered as we drove to the National Bison Range […]