Renee’s Arrival in Banff

Renee came from New Zealand with the expectation she was flying into the Northern Hemisphere summer, but after getting over her initial surprise of finding snow still covering most of Banff she enjoyed the uniqueness of the area. From waking up and spotting deer outside my window to our gondola ride up Sulfur Mountain our […]

Road Trip North America in a Camper Van

May through August 2011 What am I doing right now, how was it planned, where am I and who am I travelling with? Finally travelling again. Renee and I decided to do a trip across North America a while ago. Deciding to do it was the easy part, deciding where to go and how was […]

Fun in the Snow – Banff, Lake Louise, Fernie, Revelstoke, Sun Peaks, Castle & Couch Surfers

Living in Banff during the winter can certainly be fun. Despite summer being the ‘busy’ season, winter offers downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding of course, tobogganing and plenty of other excitement. If you’re planning a ski holiday, or heading to snowy paradise this winter for relaxation and the possibility of snow sports be aware […]

Banff – A Little Canadian Mountain Town

Early December to End of April Having spent close to five months in this little mountain town I thought I should share some thoughts on Banff. On the positives Banff is relatively small with a nice main street lined with plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes; as well as retail stores and gift shops (If […]

Trans-Canada Road Trip – Trials & Tribulations

23 – 26 November 2010 Its over four thousand kilometers from Montreal to Banff via Toronto. An iconic journey through long stretches of nothing which should probably be spread over a couple of weeks, we were aiming to cover the distance in just four days. Roughly eleven hours of driving a day; it was going […]

Montreal Visit II – Couch Surfing & Other Cool Shit

19 – 21 November 2010 I felt I’d cut my previous time in Montreal a little too short so I was happy to be back in town. This time I met couchsurfer Eric and his flatmates as well as couchsufer Sarah and her brother; Sarah & I also caught up with Jared and Erin one […]

East to West Trans-Canada Journey – Hitchhike or Greyhound?

18 – 19 November 2010 While in Ottawa staying with Dave and his family I’d been deliberating over what to do next, I wanted to go west it was just a question of how. I wanted to hitchhike but winter was fast approaching and I didn’t know if I was adequately equipped, there was also […]

Canadian War Museum – Ottawa

17 November 2010 The main attraction I saw while in Ottawa was the Canadian War Museum, I’ve just been reading through my notes on the museum and their not too positive, I basically shat all over it. Bottom line; it’s worth seeing if you haven’t been to museums in Washington, New York, London, Paris, Rome […]

Hitchhiking Canada – The Great Travel Adventure

Sun 14 – Mon 15 November 2010 Hung-over and tired; one of the nice things I found about not working is that on those hung-over days that inevitably happen I could just roll over and go back to sleep, but not this time. I was to start my hitchhiking journey so I forced myself up, […]

Halifax – More Couch Surfing, More Fun Nights!

Thu 11 – Mon 15 November 2010 Picture this situation for me and tell me it isn’t perfect; inside the Propeller micro brewery in Halifax I found myself sitting on a crate of freshly bottled beer while enjoying the latest from their range, a wheat beer, a strong IPA then a dark while chatting with […]