Alligator Wrestling Show

12 October 2010 Please excuse all the videos – my trial license with Adobe Premiere Pro has expired and I’m currently without video editing software. Any suggestions for free editing software will be appreciated

Couch Surfing Fort Lauderdale

10 – 13 October 2010 Through I’d emailed a few potential hosts in Fort Lauderdale, I was really hoping to not have to stay in a hostel again as they were all more designed for crew accommodation than travellers and had pretty poor online reviews. I did end up hostelling for one night; sure […]

Do I Want to Work on a Super Yacht?

02 – 09 October 2010 On Saturday 02 October I made my way back up to Fort Lauderdale, booking into crew accommodation run by The Neptune Group on the way. I paid for a one week stay upfront, whether or not I got a job it was going to be my longest time at a […]

Fort Lauderdale – Sick Again but with Interesting Company

23 – 28 September 2010 It was an overnight flight to Fort Lauderdale, I arrived in the morning and took the public bus which stops right in the Fort Lauderdale airport into town. I managed to make my bus transfer and eventually got to Hollywood beach, less than two minutes later I was at the […]