A Scenic Drive Through Capitol Reef National Park

The scenic drive to Capitol Reef National Park from Bryce Canyon gave us a bit of much needed relaxation time. We were in a continual state of heat exhaustion in Utah which was exasperated by how busy we were in Bryce Canyon. Firstly with our comprehensive one day overview, and then with the 13km Fairyland […]

Bryce Canyon National Park in a Day

We arrived at Bryce Canyon National Park after an exhausting few days; hiking and mountain biking in Zion National Park plus more biking in Red Canyon just outside of Bryce. We were both suffering in the southern Utah heat and really just felt like lazing around in air conditioning and not doing a lot. However that would be unacceptable; […]

Red Canyon Mountain Biking on Red Earth

Before entering Bryce Canyon National Park I was keen to put my mountain bike to good use again. The Red Canyon Visitors Centre was amazingly helpful; providing both mountain biking and free camping spot suggestions. We left the visitors centre with a mountain bike trail recommendation and a couple of camping options for afterwards; much […]

Gooseberry Mesa Mountain Biking

Having done two walks in Utah’s forty degree plus heat (Celsius)  over the previous two days (Taylor Creek Trail & Northgate Peaks Trail) we felt ready for some serious punishment and after speaking to some local bike shops in Springdale we drove off into the wilderness in search of some top mountain biking.   I […]

Northgate Peaks Trail – Kolob Terrace – Zion National Park

The day after doing the Taylor Creek Trailhead walk we drove further south to another Zion National Park entrance and did a walk in the area known as the Kolob Terrace. We found ourselves embarking during the hot hours of the day so opted for the Northgate Peaks Trail, a four mile (two hour) roundtrip. […]

Antelope Island State Park

Since Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks we’d driven south passing through Wyoming, the corner of Idaho where we saw the Bear Lake Wildlife Reserve and into Utah. The road to Antelope Island took us through Cache National Forest which had beautiful mountain and river scenery in its own right [Just wait for more on Utah, […]

Bear Lake Wildlife Reserve for Bird Photos

We went expecting to find a bear wildlife reserve but instead found marshland. Renee was disappointed but I’d got a thirst for bird photography while in Yellowstone National Park so had fun in our brief drive around the sanctuary. I attempted to photograph everything that moved; and if a bird didn’t move on its own […]

Mother Moose & Calf in Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park presented a beautiful lake and a jagged adventure inspiring mountain range as we drove south from Yellowstone National Park. The flat open plains along with the rivers and streams offer a prime environment for moose and after spotting none in Yellowstone we were primarily looking for moose while in the Grand […]

Five Days in Yellowstone National Park

Day One On 2nd June 2011 we entered Yellowstone from the north entrance and taking our time drove towards the northeast entrance in the hope of spotting moose along the plains. We failed to see any moose but we spotted plenty of antelope (Pronghorn), elk, bison and a marmot sunning himself on a rock. Slough […]

Glacier National Park in Montana

Montana’s Glacier National Park was our first visit to an American national park on our Great North American Road Trip. We were intrigued about what to expect having come from Canada and having witnessed the glory of the Canadian Rockies. Glacier National Park is located in northern Montana, right on the Canadian/US border so we […]