Hitchhiking Canada – The Great Travel Adventure

Sun 14 – Mon 15 November 2010 Hung-over and tired; one of the nice things I found about not working is that on those hung-over days that inevitably happen I could just roll over and go back to sleep, but not this time. I was to start my hitchhiking journey so I forced myself up, […]

Halifax – More Couch Surfing, More Fun Nights!

Thu 11 – Mon 15 November 2010 Picture this situation for me and tell me it isn’t perfect; inside the Propeller micro brewery in Halifax I found myself sitting on a crate of freshly bottled beer while enjoying the latest from their range, a wheat beer, a strong IPA then a dark while chatting with […]

Halifax – New Friends & the Best Open Mic Night Ever!

Mon 08 – Mon 17 November 2010 When I’d asked people in Montreal what I could do in Halifax the universal answer had been to drink beer; not because Halifax is a ‘hole’ but because it has something like 5 – 7 universities located in the city – a big student population so naturally a […]

To the Maritimes – Halifax (Nova Scotia)

Sun 07 – Mon 08 November 2010 [pullright float=”alignright”] Wild wood cutters, fanatic fishermen and women who could have a moose skinned, butchered, cooked and served in under an hour. [/pullright] I’d found transport, I was going to make it to the Maritimes. Right to the East coast of Canada, into the wilderness so to […]