The Competitive Nature of Koh Phi Phi Bars

I reckon whenever New Zealand publicans whinge and moan about the competitive industry they operate in they should be made to take a compulsory holiday in Koh Phi Phi. In Phi Phi three main beach bars operate, these are Ibiza, Apache and Slinky. To get customers they (like many other bars in Phi Phi) have […]

Scuba Diving Koh Phi Phi

09 May 2010 Having booked a Padi Discover Scuba Diving course yesterday I made sure I got a good early night and woke up excited and ready. As instructed I was at the shop just before 8am and ten minutes later we were carrying our weights down to the dock. We had two instructors between […]

Big Spend Up

08 May 2010 Today I spent all my money. Over $10,000 THB in one day, that’s as much as I’ve spent combined since arriving. Booked a Thai cooking course for tomorrow night, a scuba dive for tomorrow morning and a few gifts. Other than spending money I really didn’t do anything today. Tomorrow however should […]

Blog up to Date

There have been a lot of posts lately to try and get you all up to date with where I am and what I have been doing. Special thanks to the people who have made a comment on my blog, your comments make the writing worthwhile. I’ll make a special post tomorrow on the bars […]

Playing With Fire

05 May 2010 The local beach bars use the fire as a promotional activity, having locals flailing flaming sticks and demonstrating the different stunts before tourists generally gather the courage to give it a go. Walking along the beach after dark you can see the different bars with their fire performers out front. James and […]

The Millie & Tia Sunflower Beach Bar

05 May 2010 I found a beach bar/restaurant which offers free WiFi, it has a lovely atmosphere and I chilled out there for a couple of hours adding blog posts while sipping a couple of fruit smoothies and contemplating the paradise I find myself in. [I have since become somewhat of a regular at this […]

Koh Phi Phi Bamboo Hut

05 May 2010 James made the call to stay in a traditional Thai style hut for $300 BHT, we had to get one each as they only had the one bed inside. I was initially reluctant wanting to keep the trip pretty cheap by sharing a room but James made a good case for experiencing […]

Depart Patong – Arrive Koh Phi Phi

05 May 2010 Tuk Tuk to Phuket City Boat to Koh Phi Phi