Pictures from Koh Samui

21 – 22 May 2010 Wild (or not?) pineapple I discovered on the walk up to the waterfall (snake encounter). Lizard (I felt like such a wild life photographer) I encountered on this same waterfall, also before I encountered the snake. Thailand’s child seat. It is interesting to note that current car seats for kids […]

Off-Road Scooter’n

22 May 2010 James and I re- hired our scooters from the previous day. Koh Samui is of a decent size and will take you a couple of hours easily to drive around. James and I took off on our scooters with the intention of checking out a paintball activity shown on my tourist map. […]

Thai Kick Boxing

21 May 2010 James and I found ourselves in a predicament, we’d had walked for ages, given up, then taken a $60 THB Tuk Tuk all in the aim of getting to this Half Moon Party we had seen advertised; and now they wanted a $100 THB cover charge. It was close to midnight, and […]

Snake Encounter

21 May 2010 Following my stop off at the baby elephant location… Half way around the island I saw another sign pointing to another waterfall (I hadn’t stopped previously) and decided I ought to take a look. Trekking through the jungle I found my mind wondering to snakes, how many different kinds of snakes do […]

Baby Elephant

21 May 2010 Hired scooter Set off to drive around Koh Samui (James was organising to buy a suit) Took photos of some baby elephants, was interested in finding out how much it would cost to get a photo with the baby tiger (advertised) but decided against it when no one was close by to […]

Railay to Koh Samui

19 May 2010 $150 THB from Railay to Krabi Town. $400 THB by taxi, bus and then ferry over six hours to get to Koh Samui. On the ferry various Thai sellers wanted to offer us a taxi ride to Chaweng Beach (popular side of the island )for $150 THB, we politely declined and were […]