Free Rock Climbing & Cliff Jumping

14 May 2010 Bloody Awesome. With the American’s we’d met a couple of nights before we paid a local long boat driver to take us out for half a day to some of the popular cliff jumping areas. Cliff jumping is great, it is rock climbing but without the need for equipment plus the added […]

Tiger Cave Temple

13 May 2010 The time had come for some jungle walking, to experience Buddhist culture and to search for some tigers. James and I set off on hired scooters with a vague sense of direction. Eventually we spotted a large concrete structure which formed part of the temple, we had made it. A female monk […]

Nuclear Physicist, Drug Dealer and Iraq War Veteran

12 May 2010 Over that game of pool and the night that followed we met some really interesting Americans. Patrick explained how he has two years of paid leave left (while studying) following his recent army service in Iraq where he operated a 50 calibre gun. Doc, Patrick’s flatmate had received an Honourable Discharge from […]

Koh Lanta to Krabi Town

12 May 2010 We took a minivan across two car ferries and up to Krabi Province and into Krabi town. I instantly took a liking to Krabi Town, from its river location, Planet of the Apes style statues holding up traffic lights, but mostly the people. Everyone is really nice when you talk to them […]