Carafiesta Parade Montréal in Photos

Last weekend I attended yet another parade in Montréal. The Carafiesta parade is a relaxed, colourful, and often impromptu movement of people and costumes along Boulevard René Lévesque from Rue Guy in downtown Montréal. Relatively cheap flights can often be found from Montréal to the Caribbean islands, in fact other than when I was living in the Caribbean I’ve never been […]

La Fête nationale du Québec

This weekend just been we attended a parade along Sherbrooke street in celebration of Quebec’s national day (June 24th). To me it sounds strange for a province to have a ‘national day’, it could just be an English translation misunderstanding, but I don’t think so. If any Canadian province were to have a ‘national day’, […]

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Montreal

Last weekend was Saint Patrick’s Day, we celebrated on the 17th with a box of Guinness and then on the Sunday we went and photographed the Montreal Saint Patrick’s Day parade. Saint Patrick is the best known patron saint of Ireland and the celebrations on 17 March celebrate Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity […]