Big Night in Patong Beach

03 May 2010 The night to follow would turn into our most interesting yet. A large beer at our room, a couple of beers over dinner, a drink at a casual bar where we accidentally ordered a RTD style wine because it was listed under the beer list. A couple of beers at another bar, […]

James Bums on Beach and I Search for a Post Office

03 May 2010 On our return James went to the beach for a number of hours. I went on a mission to find a post office. I stopped at a place which offered wireless internet [Made my first blog post]. I visited a mall, a supermarket, and trudged around for what must have been hours […]

North Phuket by Scooter

03 May 2010 The next morning we jumped right on our rented scooters and took off to conquer the coasts of Phuket province (an Island) which we hadn’t done the previous day – the north coast. We found some good riding, some nice views and covered some decent miles. James really liked a laid back […]

Patong Beach Nightlife

We arrived back in Patong Beach from our scooter ride to find the place transformed for nightlife, many streets had been closed off for pedestrians. The streets were packed with all kinds of people including Lady Boys and of course hundreds of hawkers trying to get you buy stuff, to go to a Go Go […]

Patong Beach (Phuket) & Scooter Ride

02 May 2010 Arrival at Phuket airport went well. We jumped in a shuttle bus and sped to Patong Beach where we found a lovely room on the second floor five minutes’ walk from the beach for only $450 BHT per night. That day we took a walk along the beach, there seemed to be […]