Don’t Get Eaten! Bear Safety Tips

I’ve seen black, brown and grizzly bears in the wild numerous times now, I’ve never had a bad encounter with one so what follows is a summary of all the information I’ve gained from a variety of sources – from reading, from park rangers and from locals I met in Alaska. For me, bears are […]

Camping in Denali National Park

There are a couple of options for camping in Denali National Park. You can get a ‘backcountry’ permit and head into the wilderness to be entirely away from your fellow man, or you can camp in one of several organized campsites along the park road. We didn’t exactly succeed in travelling light on this trip […]

Yellowstone National Park Wildlife Spotting Tips

Yellowstone National Park presents an amazing opportunity to spot a diverse range of North American wildlife. Yellowstone is home to over two hundred different species of animals; fish, birds, mammals, reptiles and even 6 amphibian species. But how do you actually spot wildlife in Yellowstone? EASY – Just follow these five simple tips and you’ll […]