Thoughts on Choosing Your Travel Accommodation

I want to talk today about travel and how our choice of accommodation impacts our experience in and impression of a new destination. I’ve been to some pretty mundane places and had fantastic experiences, conversely, I’ve been to some right up there top destinations and had very average experiences. In my opinion, it comes down […]

Getting the Most From a Travel Destination

I recently read a guest post by Will Peach on The World or Bust blog. Will’s article titled ‘The Worst Place I’ve Ever Been: Kuta, Bali‘ was bloody hilarious; Will provided a nice escape from all the positive destination stuff that most travel bloggers churn out. I love travelling, but I don’t always have a great […]

10 Essential Travel Items You Can’t Travel Without!

10 Essential Travel Items You Can’t Live Travel Without! Are you heading overseas or packing a backpack for an extended travel adventure and wondering what essential travel items to pack? Packing your bag for the first time can be daunting, you have so much stuff and so little space. Having limited space is part of […]