Moab for Adventure

Moab is quite simply north eastern Utah’s adventure town! For a long time Moab has been synonymous with mountain biking and other outdoor adventure activities. For some it’s nestled in the middle of nowhere. But it’s not, it’s nested between two of North America’s most famous national parks and among Utah’s amazing canyon terrain. A […]

Camping For Free in Utah

For Love of the Land One of the aspects of driving through Utah we really enjoyed was the ease in which we found unique and free camp-sites. On my guest post/interview on Captain and Clark’s website I named Utah one of my highlights from all the time I’ve spent travelling for this very reason. I’ve […]

A Day in Arches National Park

To visit Arches National Park was one of my primary motives for doing a road trip across America. I remember doing numerous image searches for different places in America and the photographs taken at Arches National Park blew me away; unique, stunning, I had to go. This photo taken by Dan Ballard is just one […]

Dead Horse Point State Park

Renee Gordon writes about our visit to Dead Horse Point State Park Dead Horse Point State Park is located near the Island in the Sky entrance to Canyonlands National Park. This park has a dramatic overlook that in my opinion provides the best perspective of the Island in the Sky section of Canyonlands. The park […]

Mesa Verde National Park

If you didn’t see my post on Natural Bridges National Monument it’s well worth a look. Renee Gordon, my fellow adventurer on our Great North American Road Trip wrote the following about our next stop, Mesa Verde National Park. – Sam Kynman-Cole Next we crossed the border into Colorado after I managed to convince Sam […]

Natural Bridges National Monument

Located in south-east Utah Natural Bridges National Monument is only a minor detour away from other significant national parks such as Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Mesa Verde across the border in Colorado. In Utah there are two prominent parks where you can see numerous ‘arches’, these are Natural Bridges National Monument which I am featuring now  and Arches National Park where we […]

Photos from Southern Utah & Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Southern Utah is full of striking natural beauty; it’s not just in the national parks but all over the state. Particularly the drive from Capitol Reef National Park, through Hanksville and down into Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (NRA) on the 95 was a treat for the eyes. Dramatic transitions from rolling dry hills on the road […]

A Scenic Drive Through Capitol Reef National Park

The scenic drive to Capitol Reef National Park from Bryce Canyon gave us a bit of much needed relaxation time. We were in a continual state of heat exhaustion in Utah which was exasperated by how busy we were in Bryce Canyon. Firstly with our comprehensive one day overview, and then with the 13km Fairyland […]

Bryce Canyon Fairyland Loop Trail

In my previous post on Bryce Canyon National Park I offered my recommended itinerary if you only have one day to spend in Bryce Canyon. If however you have more time then there are some great hiking opportunities for you to explore, one such hike we did was the Bryce Canyon Fairyland Loop Trail. Departing from […]

Bryce Canyon National Park in a Day

We arrived at Bryce Canyon National Park after an exhausting few days; hiking and mountain biking in Zion National Park plus more biking in Red Canyon just outside of Bryce. We were both suffering in the southern Utah heat and really just felt like lazing around in air conditioning and not doing a lot. However that would be unacceptable; […]