Whittier 26 Glacier Cruise with Phillips Cruises

So it’s been ages since I last posted. I’m sorry. This is a start to getting back on track. Renee and I both love being out on the water looking for marine mammals, so here is my experience on the Klondike Express in Whittier, Alaska. It started out as a cold misty morning, very similar […]

Glacier and Wildlife Spotting with Kenai Fjords Tours

By this time we’d been in Alaska over a month and we’d only briefly been on the water during our float plane flight to Brooks Camp. We’d seen a number of bears and other land wildlife, all awesome of course, but we were hankering for some whales – we were looking forward to this tour. […]

A Visit to the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage

We heard that there were polar bears in the zoo in Anchorage, and since we were not going to get the chance to head up into the arctic circle to see the wild ones we thought we’d take a look at The Alaska Zoo. I’ve mentioned in my post on planning for this trip to […]

Planning For Two Months in Alaska

Months of waiting are finally over, we’re now only one day from stepping foot in Alaska for the first time. Have to say I’m pretty excited. However, I’ve found people’s responses vary quite differently when I say Renee and I are heading to Alaska for two months before New Zealand. Some people instantly understand, they […]

Wildlife in Custer State Park

Our next stop on our North American Road Trip was for wildlife watching in Custer State Park, South Dakota. We took the 18 mile Wildlife Loop Road that winds it way through the prairie hills hoping to see an abundance of wildlife. There is a herd of 1300 bison in this park, and funnily enough […]

Islands in the Sky Section of Canyonlands National Park

Renee Gordon writes about the Islands in the Sky Section of Canyonlands National Park. As mentioned in my previous post, Canyonlands is made up of 3 very different regions: Island in the Sky to the north, the Maze on the west, and the Needles on the east. We previously visited the Needles section and now we’re […]

Bear Lake Wildlife Reserve for Bird Photos

We went expecting to find a bear wildlife reserve but instead found marshland. Renee was disappointed but I’d got a thirst for bird photography while in Yellowstone National Park so had fun in our brief drive around the sanctuary. I attempted to photograph everything that moved; and if a bird didn’t move on its own […]

Wildlife Spotting in Yellowstone National Park

Renee and I drove into Yellowstone National Park, the three and a half thousand square mile park which is situated mainly in the state of Wyoming but with land extending into Montana (where we entered) and also Idaho. Our expectations were high due to Yellowstone being one of the most famous national parks in North […]

Yellowstone National Park Wildlife Spotting Tips

Yellowstone National Park presents an amazing opportunity to spot a diverse range of North American wildlife. Yellowstone is home to over two hundred different species of animals; fish, birds, mammals, reptiles and even 6 amphibian species. But how do you actually spot wildlife in Yellowstone? EASY – Just follow these five simple tips and you’ll […]