Five Days in Yellowstone National Park

Day One On 2nd June 2011 we entered Yellowstone from the north entrance and taking our time drove towards the northeast entrance in the hope of spotting moose along the plains. We failed to see any moose but we spotted plenty of antelope (Pronghorn), elk, bison and a marmot sunning himself on a rock. Slough […]

Wildlife Spotting in Yellowstone National Park

Renee and I drove into Yellowstone National Park, the three and a half thousand square mile park which is situated mainly in the state of Wyoming but with land extending into Montana (where we entered) and also Idaho. Our expectations were high due to Yellowstone being one of the most famous national parks in North […]

Yellowstone National Park Wildlife Spotting Tips

Yellowstone National Park presents an amazing opportunity to spot a diverse range of North American wildlife. Yellowstone is home to over two hundred different species of animals; fish, birds, mammals, reptiles and even 6 amphibian species. But how do you actually spot wildlife in Yellowstone? EASY – Just follow these five simple tips and you’ll […]