The Millie & Tia Sunflower Beach Bar

05 May 2010

I found a beach bar/restaurant which offers free WiFi, it has a lovely atmosphere and I chilled out there for a couple of hours adding blog posts while sipping a couple of fruit smoothies and contemplating the paradise I find myself in.
[I have since become somewhat of a regular at this beach bar (They know me by name), finding myself being the earliest customer both yesterday and this morning. Not actually early as time goes, about 10am – but it’s a chilled lifestyle on this island. The Ausi and Thai owners are lovely and the staff trusting; if you ever make it to Koh Phi Phi definitely visit “The Millie & Tia Sunflower Beach Bar” located at the end of the beach.]

Later James and I chiled out in front of our bamboo shacks drinking local beer and conversing on how fortunate our lives are so far. Not so much in the deep and meaningful sense but with more emphasis on the beautiful surrounds we find ourselves in and the pleasures of our journey so far.

Had an excellent Panang Curry, probably the best dinner I have had so far in Thailand. It was superb, but also very hot and at times I found myself gasping – wanting to stuff down another mouthful but not sure if I would live through the heat! [Have since been back and had the yellow curry, intend on going again tonight for something different]