The Perfect Thrill-Seeker’s Holiday in Florida

Some people go on holiday to find peace and quiet. Others go to get their pulse racing. Those in search of tranquility can certainly find it on Florida’s beautiful beaches, but those seeking thrills will find no better holiday destination than the Sunshine State. Here are the top ways adrenaline-junkies can get their kicks in Florida:

Disney World

You can’t go to Florida with kids without going to Disney World, so as soon as you’ve booked your flights, check out the best prices for Disney tickets. The iconic theme park is full of all the classic rides, from Space Mountain to Big Thunder, but it’s also always growing, with new rides and areas reimagined, like the newly reopened Magic Kingdom.

Disney World Balloons

Photographed by Express Monorail 

Airboat Rides

The Everglades are the perfect place to go speeding around on an airboat. These funny-looking, fan-powered machines are particularly popular in the wetland area, where tourists can go alligator-spotting with tour guides. If the wind blasting your face isn’t enough to get your pulse racing, you can bet the sight of a wide alligator smile will do the trick.

Airboat ride Florida

Photographed by Experience Kissimmee


The shows at SeaWorld are unlike any others on the planet. Watch dolphins, whales and seals do phenomenal tricks, splashing the crowd and showing off their colourful personalities. The opportunity to meet and play with some of the park’s inhabitants is what many make the journey for, as well as the chance to see some of the scarier underwater creatures, like the stingrays, sharks, and the famous killer whales.

Nightlife in Miami

Many would consider Miami one of the nightlife capitals of the US, and a night on the town will certainly satisfy anyone who likes a party. With hundreds of clubs of all themes and sizes, there’s something for everyone, but dancing the night away at Latin live jazz bars is as Miami as it comes.

Swim with dolphins

Discovery Cove is somewhere many people dream of visiting. Because it’s there that you can actually put on a wetsuit and get in the water with the friendliest of dolphins. If you’ve ever dreamed of jetting through the water, clinging to a dorsal fin, now’s the time to book your tickets and cross something off your bucket list.

Universal Studios

All movie lovers should visit Universal Studios, where you can learn all about and experience the magic of film. Enjoy 4D attractions, water rides, and rollercoasters, with characters from Harry Potter to The Simpsons. The new 3D Transformers ride is certain to be as thrilling as cinema can be.

Universal studios entry ticket photo

Photographed by anh d. nguyen

Sport Games

Florida is one of the states where sports are taken most seriously, and the atmosphere at one of the Major League Baseball games, or an American Football match is really something to experience. If you want to get caught up in the hype of the crowd, and to feel your heart race as the seconds tick away on the clock, plan to get tickets to a game in one of the big stadiums.

If you want to get your blood pumping, there are plenty of opportunities in Florida. Visit theme parks, watch sports, see some rare and scary animals. But whatever you decide to do or see, Florida is the perfect place for sun, fun, and more excitement than you’ll know what to do with.