Travelling up Greece (Preveza)

08 July 2010

I’ve coped pretty well with the long distances we have to travel on the coach; a full day of travelling broken up only by brief service stops is not uncommon. The day we left Mykonos was certainly a long day but with all the good company and my trusty laptop to keep me occupied it passed pretty fast. When we arrived at Preveza just before 10pm having travelled for eleven hours we were very grateful to find that our accommodation for the night was a very nice hotel; marble flooring, pool and a balcony overlooking the sea!

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] Journey to Preveza-6.JPGJourney to Preveza-3.JPGJourney to Preveza-4.JPGFlash Preveza Hotel-1.JPGFlash Preveza Hotel-2.JPGJourney to Preveza.JPG[/pe2-gallery]



  1. No laptops 30 years ago. Just land line and postcards (and telegrams!). No skype or mobile phones. Just pen and paper. The postal service was erratic to say the least and Italy was known to burn excess mail during peak season so sometimes our families didn’t hear from us for weeks.

    • Made me laugh – in a pained kind of way. Can just imagine the Italians burning mail, but wow, what a conspiracy.

  2. Hey Sam. What a way to go! I’m so envious of your trips through all the various countries. Have a great journey!