White Water Rafting (Austria)

18 July 2010

The following morning we were back on the coach and heading for Germany however we were stopping off on the way to do a White Water Rafting optional excursion. We met the rafting crew and got kitted up with wetsuit, jacket, helmet and boots before we were taken through the basics of the boat and paddling instructions on dry land.

It wasn’t long before we were hopping in and floating downstream. We were on a grade 3 river, grading goes from 1 through to 6 being hardest – deadly? Overall the rafting was a lot of fun, we got wet by rapids (and swimming), we raced the other two boats (and won) and we exercised ourselves through paddling. As a grade 3 I don’t think it ever could have been dangerous, another time I would love to do a harder river. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend you try White Water Rafting.

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