Alaska – Featured

Autumn foliage and foggy views

The Road to Wrangell St Elias National Park

With time to spare in our rental car, we decided, why not head all the way over to Valdez? According to the map we picked up … [Read More...]

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New Zealand – Featured


Swimming with Hectors Dolphins in Akaroa Harbour

Sam and I went to Christchurch in the summer of 2010 with the specific intention of swimming with Hector’s dolphins in Akaroa … [Read More...]



My journeys starting point -  shown on a handy map. The stress of packing became too much at one … [Read More...]

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More – New Zealand

_MG_8468Photomatic ProCampsite, Queenstown, Twelve Mile Delta57

Places To Visit In The Lower South Island of New Zealand

Renee and I recently did a one week trip to the South Island of New Zealand, to visit my sister and do a little exploration around this beautiful section of the country. Renee did a lot of research … [Read More...]


Auckland Departure

Departing Auckland and losing my passport along the way! The people who know me will confirm that I am not a morning person. However with the help of my mum and sister I did manage to get up and get … [Read More...]

Getting wet at the front

Whitewater Rafting a 21 Foot Waterfall

Whitewater rafting is definitely cool - it's an extreme* sport where all you have to do is sit on an oversized rubber duck and float down a river. Not too much work so great for a fun holiday … [Read More...]

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