Vancouver Island & Black Bears

View Larger Map We took the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo where we parked and had a walk around. The town was small and touristy; and while we were there just about everything was closed. Fortunately the liquor store was still open, however while we were browsing the beverages we were informed that they […]


Upon arriving in Vancouver we tried to make our way to a certain point we thought would have a nice sunset view, somehow we got incredibly lost but by chance arrived at a completely different point which happened to provide a nice sunset view anyway. Later we found out that we’d watched the sunset from […]

Yoho National Park

We were hoping to spot more Moose in Yoho but had no luck. We slept in the car park next to the semi frozen Emerald Lake before heading west to Vancouver. I’m sure I took some photos of the lake, been looking everywhere for them but with no luck so far. These photos were taken […]

Jasper National Park & Town

Approaching Jasper we spotted some Elk in a field on the side of the road. Renee walked over to get a better photo, not too close but the inquisitive male Elk wondered over to her briefly before continuing to munch on the grass. It was all non-aggressive and Renee enjoyed the encounter. Later however we […]

Driving the Icefields Parkway

From Lake Louise up to Jasper we followed the Icefields Parkway. A road which had been described to us as one of the most ‘awe inspiring roads ever’. A windy road up through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It sure was spectacular but also unfortunately created the photographing dilemma of when to stop and take pictures […]

Athabasca Glacier by Icefield Explorer

Through my ‘local’ status in Banff we managed to get great rates for a ride on the Icefields Explorer. The tour involved a commentated ride on a normal bus to the start of the Athabasca Glacier where we changed transport to the big Icefield Explorer. Custom-made for the tour and costing over one million dollars […]

Snowshoeing Bow Lake

Continuing on from Lake Louise we took the Icefields Parkway up to Bow Lake where I managed to convince Renee to give my snow shoes a try before we ran out of snow. So while Renee lightly treaded on top of the snow with snow shoes attached to plastic bag covered sneakers I trudged, occasionally […]

A Quick Stop in Lake Louise

For me, leaving the town of Banff where I had resided for close to five months was the moment that our Great North American Road Trip begun. Although I’d been skiing up Lake Louise numerous times before this was the symbolic start to our journey. We took the scenic Bow Valley Parkway, a road I’d never […]

Renee’s Arrival in Banff

Renee came from New Zealand with the expectation she was flying into the Northern Hemisphere summer, but after getting over her initial surprise of finding snow still covering most of Banff she enjoyed the uniqueness of the area. From waking up and spotting deer outside my window to our gondola ride up Sulfur Mountain our […]

Road Trip North America in a Camper Van

May through August 2011 What am I doing right now, how was it planned, where am I and who am I travelling with? Finally travelling again. Renee and I decided to do a trip across North America a while ago. Deciding to do it was the easy part, deciding where to go and how was […]