James Bums on Beach and I Search for a Post Office

03 May 2010

On our return James went to the beach for a number of hours.

I went on a mission to find a post office. I stopped at a place which offered wireless internet [Made my first blog post]. I visited a mall, a supermarket, and trudged around for what must have been hours asking various locals for post office directions; apparently it doesn’t get much local use.

The mall is a modern tourist monstrosity with water features, all manner of fashion shops and other boring crap priced well above the average Thai’s purchasing ability.

I found the supermarket however to be quite interesting, yes I love food. Lots of deli items with open butchered meats that you can self serve, many different fruits, and an interesting Thai selection of snacks and drinks. I bought a couple of different mango varieties, a bag of Lichee’s, an orange drink, a Tiger beer ($23 BHT) and a chocolate wafer snack. The queue to the counter took a while and when it was finally my turn I unintentionally made the process longer. When the checkout lady tried to process my fruit I was informed that the barcodes were missing in broken English. It turned out that you need to weigh your fruit before the counter and apply the barcode sticker to the bag (I waited while they went off and did it for me).

I eventually found the post office, and returned exhausted to our room. I banged for a while but no answer and as James had the key I had to ask the ladies down stairs for a spare. When I returned and opened the door I found James lying on the bed (2 feet from the door) with his iPod on, obviously too loud.


  1. At least you didnt go postal?

    • Haha. You could almost say I was, but once at the post office they were very efficient (I was only customer).